Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More answered prayers!

Wow!  I'm amazed at the way He continues to put people in my life who have a connection with Molly!  I have been in contact with a missionary who works at Molly's orphanage, but has been traveling since we got her referral.  Anyway, she posted on her fb page yesterday that the twins were officially with their forever family.  Well, in all of the pics I've gotten of Molly, she is sitting next to her twin friends...in every picture! We've always said these are her BFF's!  They're all SO cute together!  Anyway, I assumed these must be the same twins and friended their mom on fb and sent her a message asking if these were the same twins as in Molly's orphanage, and sure enough, they were!!!  She's in China now and will be going to the orphanage on Friday.  She is going to try to get as many pics and info as she can of her for me.  And of course love on her and let her know her family loves her and is coming for her soon!!  I'm so excited and can't wait for my Molly update!  God is GOOD!!!

We're on day 35 of our LOA wait, and we could receive it anywhere from 30-120 days! I'm growing more and more anxious, but I know God's timing is more perfect than ours.  I copied this quote from the twin's mom's blog. It seem fitting right now...

"I know of no more steadying hope on which to focus my 

mind when circumstances tempt to wonder why God 

doesn't "do something." He is always doing something---

the very best thing, the thing we ourselves would certainly 

choose if we knew the end from the beginning." ~Elisabeth 



Martha said...

Great news! I love the quote at the bottom...I might have to borrow that for facebook status too....awesome...and just what I needed this morning!

jennifer said...

Yay! That is great news!! I can't wait! Can you share her blog? Is it public? Those twins are adorable!!!

Love that quote! Might have to steal that, as well!!

Jennifer said...

I know....aren't they so cute with their curly hair?!
Her blog is http://walkers4him.blogspot.com/
I guess they'll be there tonight our time!! Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow! I'll keep y'all updated! :)