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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm "THAT" parent!

You know, the one who's child won't pay attention at a gymboree class because he's too busy running around the class, jumping on all the equipment, and being ALL boy!!  I've always had the boys who I started at about 2 in a gymnastics class of some sort, and they would do exactly what the teacher said, when she said it!  Wellll....I'm just now getting Gage in a gymboree class at 3 1/2 and you would've thought I've never taken him out in public before!  Of course, we're in the class with what I'm assuming to be 1st time parents because they were hovering over their child's EVERY move.  And then we have Gage who was flyng around the room so fast, I couldn't have kept up with him if I wanted to!  The teacher would call everybody to the middle for storytime, and he would take off running faster!  And of course, there was the mom who had the perfect, rule following little boy, who I know was shaking her head with disapproval inside.  I remember those days, when I had the quiet, rule following children, and I was the one looking at parents like ME today thinking....awww, I'm sorry...you've got your hands full, don't you?..:)
a little blurry,...possibly because he wasn't still long enough to get a clear shot

I'm not giving up though, G-Man! We've got some work to do! We're going to get this gymboree class etiquette down, my little ball of energy!

his partner in crime...his singing teddy bear!
He did finally calm down enough to join the group the last 5 minutes when we did the parachute, and guess who's perfect little boy decided to run crazy then...oh yes, ....and I had to smile just a little bit..:)

yes that would be Gage throwing his teddy bear and ball onto the parachute!  Was NOT the instructions! Maybe we should skip gymnastics and go straight to sports! 

Participation at its finest! His favorite part of the whole class!

I love you my little flying tomato!...craziness and ALL! :)

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