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Friday, August 5, 2011

"I wub you!"

This is what Gage has all of us saying...."I Wub You!"  Being  a speech therapist, I would've cringed if I heard a mom saying that to her kids, but I think it's so cute, and now we say it all the time, without even thinking!  Oh well, guess it's just one of the many things I'm doing that I said, "I'll NEVER do as a parent!"lol
Since this blog has turned into Gage's baby book, because I'm so horrible at keeping up with one, I'll put some of the other cute things he says...

I took the older boys to a pool party while Jon watched Gage, and when I got home he said.."I beary miss you!"  and I told him I missed him too and started giving him kisses, and he said "you give me too much kissess!"....Haha....never too many kisses baby boy!

I had a stomach bug and was sick as a dog laying in bed for 2 days straight, and Gage came in and said.."are you feeling awesome?"  and me with green face and all mustered up the energy to say...NO!.  He left and then came back in a few seconds later and said.."are you feeling awesome...now??"  At least he got a little smile out of me when I thought I was dying!  

We always turn eating into a competition to see which boy can eat the fastest since they take forever to eat....and so now he says to the boys when he's trying to beat them eating..."I beat you up"!  ..sounds horrible but it's so funny!

These are just a few of the things I could think of off the top of my head...there are many more that I'll think of later.  G keeps us laughing ALL the time!

We all had our dentist appointments yesterday, and it was Gage's 1st time.  I'd say he did pretty good!  I've never seen such a happy patient, and this was with NO laughing gas!..


The other boys were just as happy..

Despite the fact that Reed had to get a filling..:(

I went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on crafts for the kids...hoping we can spread them out until school starts!

Boys and friends staying cool on the zipline...

This is Reed's newest friend, Lizzie.  We finally let him go because he wasn't looking so good.  Not sure what to feed a lizard!  The boys are now on the hunt for their next creature friend!

It's a little after 8am and probably already over 90 degrees!  I better go get my run on now before it gets to 111 degrees again!!  COME. ON. FALL!!!

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