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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Night Lights!!

Week one at the new schools down, and the boys are loving it!  If  we didn't know if we'd made the right decision before now(which we did), then we definitely know after yesterday! Fridays are so much fun here...huddle(pep ralleys) at both boy's schools, pre-game with friends, and then the football game at night! There is nothing like a small town where EVERYBODY supports the same team...and EVERYBODY goes to the Friday night football games!   A group of us went out to eat in one of the two restaurants in Melissa, and then set up our chairs at the end zone, and watched the game. The kids ran around and played with their friends and saw lots of familiar faces from the kids they met this week.  I haven't been around this kind of atmosphere, where everybody' passionate about the same team, since Baton Rouge/LSU! So much fun!!  
HS football players came to the huddle and gave motivational talks to the kids.  Reed was in awe!  Such great role models!

Cardinal Cheerleaders

Reed.....so glad to see me and Gage there

Pre-Game dinner with friends!

watching the football players come through

The boys waiting to catch the ball from the field goal kick!

The Coco boys and the Fowler boys
                   And our favorite part of our new schools.....

                                         The BUS!!

The boys have been wanting to take the bus since they started kinder, and never could.  Well now it comes right by our house and they think it's the best thing ever!...and so does mama!! :)

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Martha C. Ryan said...

Small town life sounds fabulous!!