Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, I was reading adoption blogs, as I do a lot these days, and stumbled across this one.  It really spoke to me!  She talks about being spiritually attacked when you step out in obedience.  She says the things that I know, and that we have experienced, but am not able to say it as eloquently and intelligently as she does, so I'm just going to let you read for yourself.  Go here to read Chrissy's post.

I know that we've had darts thrown at us since we started this adoption process.  He doesn't want us to adopt and wants our daughter to stay in an orphanage and feel alone, scared and unworthy.  As a matter of fact, he started at the very beginning of our journey.  Last November, right after Jon and I decided to start the adoption process, I decided to call Jennifer( the one whose blog I followed when she was in the process of adopting, which eventually led to us adopt) to talk to her for the first time about how she had inspired us to adopt.  I was on my cell phone, sitting at a stop light, with Gage sitting right behind me, and as we were just starting to talk,  a car coming the opposite direction ran the red light, hit another car that then flew straight into us, going 70 mph!  I saw it coming straight for our side and only had a second before it hit!  Gage immediately started crying and I was trying to climb back there and make sure he was ok.  How he only had a bump on his head, is seriously a miracle!!  I don't think the lady in the other car did so well.  I'm still not sure if she was ok, because she wasn't moving when they took her off. For us to be slammed by a car going 70 mph, when we were at a stand still, is nothing short of a miracle.  The next part is what really gets me....we had just gotten this Super SAFE minivan, with side curtain airbags, the DAY BEFORE!!!!  SEriously!?  We had an older model tahoe just a day earlier, and if we would've been in that car, most likely we would've been seriously injured or killed!  It didn't have side airbags and we would've been had no cushion from the blow.  I throw around the word lucky, or coincidence, but that was NO coincidence.  That was God looking out for us, knowing what the enemy had in store for us on that morning.  That was no coincidence that it happened the second I got on the phone with the person who had inspired me, and who he knew would help me through this adoption with her support and advice.

There have been many other things that the devil has put in my head... fear, doubt, worry, insecurities about adopting,..all of which come straight from him.  When these things start filling my head, God never lets me down.  He's constantly answering my prayers.  At moments when I've been so sad and crying because of what I'm imagining she's going through, or the lack of information we have about her orphanage, God puts people in my life who have a connection with her, who have given me information and pictures that keep me moving forward.  This is what He wants us to do, and He will see us through to the end..I know He will.   


Martha C. Ryan said...

Yes, God does want Molly to be a part of your lives. The way He put it in Jonathan's heart to adopt is proof of that! And always remember James 4:7... you and Jonathan know from experience that it's true! I'm praying for y'all~

Martha C. Ryan said...

And don't forget this...remember the morning of your accident, that I had pled the blood of Jesus for protection on your new van and each one of you personally. That you were all safe was no coincidence or luck!!
Love you,

jennifer said...

I remember that day well. You are right that the devil does not want Miss Molly to be a part of your amazing family. I felt attacked throughout the entire journey to Gracie. Just confirmation that you're doing the right thing!!

I absolutely cannot wait to see Miss M at home with her family!!

(P.S. I love your mom!!)

Martha said...

great post...