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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st day as official Melissa Cardinals!

We've been looking forward to this day with anticipation, nervousness and excitement ALL summer and we finally made it!  The boys loved their new schools!  Jon and I both walked them in to their schools.  We walked Reed into his class first, and he walked right in and sat in his seat like he'd been there forever!  Luckily he's not embaressed for his mama to snap some pics with her big ole camera yet, so i got a few good ones in his class!
My sweet and confident 1st grader!

with his teacher, Mrs. McKinley
We then headed on to Ben's school minus one.  Ben asked G if he's going to miss him all they way to school.  Of course he said YES!
Ben singing the mario song to G making him laugh!
I was instructed NOT to bring my camera into the intermediate school!...not by Ben but by Jon!  Ben doesn't get embaressed by much yet, but Jon thought it was probably bad enough that we may be the only parents walking him into intermediate, so I snuck in my cell!  I promise, I  made sure nobody was looking before I snapped these..:)
walking Ben to his class...we were all a little nervous!

Ben's new class.  Sorry about the blurry pic, but i was trying to be quick!;)

I was so anxious all day to pick the boys up and hear about their day!  So was Gage!!  I think I heard at least 100 times, "when are we gettin my bwudus??"  or with his hand cupped to his ears, "listen, I think I Hear my bwudus upstairs!"  It will be an adjustment for little man to be away from his BFF's.  He has to hang out with his boring ole mama now!:)
My friend and her son came over to play for a few hours, so at least I didn't hear about picking up his "bwudus" during that time!  

They kept themelves busy..

very busy!

and then they got crazy with the paint!

he was so proud of his artwork :)

The boys both had a great day!..thank goodness!!  Reed met one friend and Ben met 3! Yay!!  Friends make everything better!  Ben was so cute..., I was running late to get him because Reed's carpool line took FOREVER!  When I finally picked him up, I asked about his day, and he listed off a few things about his day.  This is BIG for Ben!  It's normally like pulling teeth to get any info from him.  When he finished telling me a few details from his day, he asked if there was anything else I wanted to know.  He said he knew I'd ask 20 questions when he got in the car, and since he had time to think while he waited, he was able to come up with some things that he thought I would want to know.  That melted my heart that he put so much thought into it for me.  I LOVE my boys!!!
4th grade

1st grade

From this pic, you'd never know that they were fighting 24/7 this summer!

We're about to go pick up the boys from day 2.  Hope it was as good as Day 1~

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