Our Journey to Molly


Sunday, July 31, 2011

We have a new cat...

..and he has red hair and meows NON STOP!!! Gage has turned into a cat and wants everybody to call him "meowy" now! It was cute at first, but got a little old after meowing in my face 8 hours straight, trying to get me to pet him! I hope he turns into a dog tomorrow...at least it'll be a different animal sound..lol! 
Our little cat has also learned to swim today...without a lifejacket! We've been "pool sitting" for a neighbor that's out of town all week, and so we have taken advantage! We've gone everyday and he finally felt comfortable enough to take his lifejacket off and swim like the big boys. We still need to work on swimming underwater, and swimming horizontally rather than staying in place...but it's a good start! Ben captured it on video, but I can't get it to upload to my blog!  I'll post when I figure it out..

G and his new friend, Ellie. Nice pink jacket, huh??

My good friend, Megan, just had her 3rd baby girl. They came by to visit and the boys thought she was so cute! She is so sweet and tiny...I couldn't get enough!

We met some new friends at the splash park on Friday. Jodi and her family live in McKinney and adopted two of the sweetest little girls from China, and they just got back a few weeks ago with two boys from Ethiopia! They are the nicest and funniest little boys! It's amazing how well they've adjusted in the short time they've been home! We had a great a time and look forward to many more get togethers with this sweet family! Here is a link to her blog....http://headsup07up.blogspot.com/

Ok, so I know I'll regret saying this when I'm getting up at the crack getting the boys ready for school, but I'm getting in the "I'm so ready for school to start" mode! The boys are fighting and it's driving me COOCOO! I blame it on the fact that it's so hot outside that there's nothing to do and their bored, but who am I kidding!   
They'd be fighting even if they could go outside! It's kind've funny at times though, because Ben and Reed fight the most over Gage! They both want his attention and they do everything they can to get him to team up with one and leave the third one out. With three, one is alway left out. Maybe everything will be a little more balanced when little meimei gets here! :)

Our little girl turns one this Saturday, August 6th!!  I wish more than anything she was here with us to celebrate, but that's not the case.  I sent her a little birthday care package through Ann at Red Thread.  We sent a camera too, so I'm hoping to get some pics of the birthday girl!  
I'm so sorry you won't be here with us on your big day, but I promise we'll make it up to you when you come home!  We'll have the BEST bday cake for you to dig in to!!  We Love You Baby Girl!!


Julie said...

Your title scared me for a minute...no cats, please!
Happy 1st Birthday, Molly!

Angie said...

Awww....is her name Molly? I love it! I think you will find that adding a little girl to a mix of boys greatly influences them. I think they will be better husbands because of having a sister....it softens them and makes them more sensitive to all things "girlie"
On another note, do you remember I told you about the headsup7up blog? I sat with the dad on a plane ride once and he was telling me their story....amazing! Im so glad you guys hooked up!
I am glad to hear that your boys are fighting too...it is a madhouse over here too....were learning to apologize A LOT!!!