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Thursday, July 7, 2011

still beachin' it..

This has been my view for the past 5 days and I'm LOVING it!!  Nope, not bored of it a bit!  There is nothing I'd rather be doing than sitting on the beach, reading a good book, with the sound of the kids playing and the ocean waves in the background!  Back to reality soon, so I'm enjoying every relaxing second!  We've seen at least 15 dolphins and even had an almost close encounter with a shark!!  We didn't see it but a man in a kayak pulled up next to us and said "y'all didn't see that shark behind y'all, did you?"  WHAT???  You've never seen this mama run so fast out of the water!  He said it was a small one that jumped out of the water!  I don't care....baby or not, a shark is a shark!  I've been perfectly happy just dipping my toes in the water since!
If you squint, you can see that black dot in the ocean.  That's one of the many dolphins we saw.  Some came a lot closer, but I only had my camera for this one.

We haven't been total beach bums the whole time. We went to Waterville Waterpark, played mini golf, and even parasailed today!  We talk about parasailing every time we come, but we always talk ourselves out of it because it's so expensive for just 8 short minutes.  Glad we did it , but will probably be a one-time thing.  At least for me anyway!
Heading out to parasail!  I've got some brave boys!

I only freaked out a little at the beginning

Jon didn't freak out quite as much as I did.

It may be an understatement to say that Gage loves mini golf, he LOVES it!! He is obsessed with it!! ..and he's actually pretty good! We played when we went to Galveston for Spring Break, and he has talked about it ever since.  When I told him we were going to the beach, that's the first thing he asked about!  It's pretty funny because when he realizes that there's only a few holes left, he starts to get a little stressed knowing it's almost over.  After the first game, he had a little meltdown and I carried him to the car crying the whole way!  After he calmed down, we talked about why we can't play again if he doesn't act like a big boy!  So we give him another chance the next night, and toward the end, I could see the anxiety setting in.  I asked him if he was going to be a big boy and not cry....his response..."I NOT a big boy, I Gage, and I wanna play golf!"  Well, lesson not learned yet, but I easily distracted him this time and no scene was caused!:)
My little rollercoaster daredevil!
Being entertained while we wait for our seat at Lulu's
walking the plank!

making a happy plate so we can play mini golf! ;)
G and Aunt Julie

I think this was right before the shark encounter...and last time I was in the water!

CRAZY boys!!

I see a perfect spot for little Miss!

We're never ready to leave the beach, but we're going to enjoy the last couple of days, and try not to think about the dreaded LOOOONG drive home!!


Martha C. Ryan said...

Great pics...and yes, I see that spot for Miss Molly, too!

Martha C. Ryan said...

Right in front of her mama! And I've got the perfect outfit for her to wear, too!