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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let the relaxation begin!

We're just wrapping up day 1 of our beach vacay in Gulf Shores, Alabama and I'm already in total realxation mode!  This is our annual summer vacay spot and and we love it!  We stay for a week and it's never long enough!  I think we would all be happy if we could live here, but who knows, maybe we'd get tired of the sun and sand after a while?! ...nahh! We also get to stop off and see both sets of parents, too!  Gigi and Pawpaw(Jon's parents)  live in Alexandria, La and Nana and Pa(my parents) live in Baton Rouge, La.  We don't get to La much, so this is a good time for us to make our rounds and see everybody.  

The kids swam all day at Gigi and Pawpaw's

The kids with gigi

helping Pawpaw work in his shop.  Gage didn' t like the loud noise so much..haha
Of course we had to stop off and see Mike the Tiger in BR. Poor thing was so hot!

Showing the boys around the LSU campus.  Trying to brainwash these Texas boys to follow in their mama and daddy's footsteps!!:)

Nana, Pa, Aunt Julie and Luke are staying with us for part of the week.  We're having so much fun!  I just hope we can keep everybody from getting sunburned....esp my fair little man!  Never fails!

..and they're off!

Luke boogyboarding

outrunning the waves

They found tons of non-stinging jellyfish!  Didn't know there was such a thing but leave it to Reed to pick it up first!

We just got back from crab hunting and found 2!  Those little suckers are quicker than I thought!  

I have some news on the adoption!  After doing some research on our little girl's orphanage, I got in contact with someone who adopted two girls from the same orphanage last summer!!  I'm so excited to hear some details about where she is, and I've even gotten a little information about her and another picture of her!!  She has such a worried and concerned look in her eyes, but the sweetest little face I've ever seen.  Makes my heart hurt to see the sadness in her eyes, but I have to remember that she'll be with us soon, and she'll know love like she's never felt it before.  I know that emptiness in her eyes will soon shine!  They say she's very sweet and mild mannered..:)  Somehow I have a feeling she'll come out of her shell just a little bit when she's here keeping up with her brothers!  

Happy Early 4th of July!!!


Debbie said...

Oh, I can't wait to see a photo of your daughter, Jennifer!

jennifer said...

Have a great vacation!! I am so sad we couldn't see you this trip!! Enjoy the beach...my favorite place in the world too! Your sweet girl will blossom as soon as she gets a taste of that sweet love!!

Holly said...

Your boys are so cute! Have a great time at the beach! How exciting to get more information on your little miss. Soon her eyes will be fixed on you and she will know her mother's love.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the beach and I can't wait to see that new picture too. And yes, she will feel love like never before. And just remember (as I tell myself) she will have NO memory of that place, all she will ever remember and know if you guys and her forever family!
~Melissa Reyes

Anonymous said...

Ok meant to say 'all she will remember and know is you guys and her forever family'...oops!