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Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's HOT!!!

I know I said I wouldn't complain about the hot Texas summers after we were iced in for 4 days this winter, buuuttt....I am officially COMPLAINING!!!    It's like walking into a blast of heat as soon as you step foot outside after 9am!  The boys have played DS, computer, Wii, and watched more TV than I normally let them, but there's nothing else to do!!  We've been swimming a lot, but you start to get tired of even that after a while!  We did go bowling one evening at a really cool bowling alley, Splitsville, where you can order really good food from a menu and they serve it at your table while you bowl!  So fun!  And the food was really good restaurant style food...not your typical bowling alley hot dogs!  We'll be back!  The boys were super competitive as usual, and even more so with Luke there!  I'm not a big bowler or competitive, so I lost!  The boys were so flustered because Gage was in the lead most of the time. (the bumpers and ball slide may have helped just a little)..lol  

This is what happens when I ask them to smile now....




These were the cutest little bowling shoes!  

Notice the Melissa Cardinals shirt!  He just had to have one when he saw how awesome our town was..:)

kisses....I love when I catch sweetness on camera...:)

Nana and Pa came in this weekend to pick Luke up to bring back home.  We will miss him!  It was nice to have an almost 12 year old that would actually ask me what he can do to help around the house!  Whoa!! I'm not use to that!  Guess it's back to watering my own flowers today!
These 2 are inseperable

G and Pa...having fun in the tent!
Jon just got back from his 1st triathalon since the IM catastrophe and he did great!  It was a sprint triathalon and he came in 1st in his age group and 6th overall out of 300 people!   I love that the boys get to see him get back on the horse and work hard to accomplish his goals after his disappointment at IM.  So proud of him!!


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Julie said...

Luke had lots of fun and can't wait to go back!