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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun!

This summer is already flying by WAY too fast!  I said I wasn't going to book them out with camps this year because we did that last summer, and we didn't get a chance just to enjoy summer...Wellll, I've done it again!  I really did it because of the move to Melissa.  I wanted the boys to see familiar faces and hopefully to have made some new friends when school starts, so I signed them up for basketball, football, and baseball camps and VBS....ALL within the first 3 weeks of summer!  Ben asked the other day when summer break is going to start! haha!  I know it's a lot but they have made friends, and it'll be an easier transition to the new schools.  It's even encouraged Ben to play tackle football next year!! If you know Ben at all, this is a shocker! He's been begging Jon to play football with him everyday, as soon as he walks in from work, which of course makes Jon beside himself excited!  He does have really fast feet and can cut on a dime,  and even got the fastest time on hurdle drills out of all the kids...and they were as old as 9th grade!  The only problem is that my sweet Ben does NOT like to get hurt, so needless to say, I don't think he'll appreciate it the first time he gets tackled! I don't know much about football positions, but surely there's a spot for just running the ball and not getting tackled.....right?? ;) 

Not only is Ben playing this year, but so is Reed!  I'm going to be a nervous wreck!!  Being the middle boy, he's a little rougher and tougher, but he's in 1st grade!!  Melissa doesn't offer flag football, so I guess we're going to start out hard core!  It's going to either be a great experience, or horrible.  Hoping for the first of the two! Guess we won't know until we try!

VBS is next week and it's here in our neighborhood, so just another opportunity to meet more kids from around here..:)

Here is a pic of my latest two finds!  The boys think I'm crazy when I get my Etsy or Zulily packages in the mail!  They just don't get as excited over it as I do....well, except for Reed..;)"  Whoever filled  me in on Zulily is in so much trouble!  I've discovered I  have ZERO self control when it comes to cute girl clothes!  ....UGGHHH!

The boys and I just got back yesterday from visiting the Dewitt's in College Station for the boys Birthday party.  It was a short trip, but we always have so much fun with them!  It's well worth the three hour drive!  

We're going to a professional indoor football game tonight with our friends for Father's Day.  We've never been to one so it should be lots of fun!  But until then.....

.....a day of doing absolutely nothing!.....you deserve it, Babe!  We love you!!

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