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Monday, May 23, 2011

Quite The Weekend...

Well, we had quite the eventful, nerve-racking, scary, emotional weekend all rolled into one. Jon competed in the IM Texas on Saturday and gave it his ALL....as he always does!  Unfortunately, it was extremely humid(whoever thought of having an IM in Houston in late May is crazy!) which makes for very poor conditions for such a strenuous race!  Jon seriously kicked butt on the swim and bike portion, but when he got to the run(full marathon and you're already tired is NO BUENO!)  he was not feeling so good.  He was  exhausted, out of energy, foot hurting from previous injury, and to top it off, he flipped over his bike the day before and his leg was killing him!  I've got to say, that would've been the final straw for me, but NOOOO, not him!  LIke I said before, he is an overachiever and the most goal oriented person I know, and nothing could've taken him out of that race, unless his body physically just quit going....which is what happened.  At mile 10 on the run he couldn't go any further and had to lay down and came close to passing out.  The medic had to drive him to the medical station where they called me and we ran to him as fast as we could.  That was beyond scary for me, considering they gave me no information except that he was there.  I knew he had to be really hurt or sick to drop out so I was in a little bit of a panic getting to him, but trying to keep my cool for the kids.  After we got there, they wouldn't let anybody go back, which got me even more nervous.   Once they finally came out and told me he was alert, I felt better.  His body temp had fallen and they were trying to get it back up by keeping him wrapped up in a thermal wrap and gave him a iv for his dehydration.  After a couple of hours, he was released and we finally got to see him.  I told him that he is never to give me a near heart attack again, and that his family needs him too much to ever do another race like this again!....of course that was after I gave him the biggest hug EVER!

I have never been so proud of him as I am now.  With all the blood and sweat he put into training for it, he's obviously devastated about not completing it, yet he's  turning it into a learning situation for everybody, especially the boys.  He's going to pick himself back up and get back in the saddle, doing what he loves....only not to the extent of another full IM again!  He's such a positive and strong example to my boys, which makes me love him even more....and I didn't know that was possible..:)
LOVE this one of Ben running alongside him!  The sign said "TEAM COCO"

We had our good friends there to support him, and I'm so glad we did!  Amy helped me with the kids, and Jeff was able to encourage Jon on the run.  And Thank goodness Shelley kept Gage, because there is no way I could've dealt with all of this having to keep an eye on little G-Man too!  I am beyond blessed to have such a good group of supportive friends that would do anything to help me at the drop of a hat.  LOVE my friends!! :)

Onto a different note, I just got a call from Great Wall Adoption and CCAA is sending out a list of kids that are available for adoption tonight.  She said they will be looking for out little girl and we will get a call late tonight if she finds her. From what I understand, it's quite a frenzy with all the agencies trying to find matches and locking files.  Please say a prayer for us that our little girl is on this list.   It's hard to be patient, but it helps me to know that God already knows exactly who she is, and when we will see her, and is protecting her until then.


jennifer said...

Oh...just wait 'till you see that Iron Man with his baby girl!! You will fall in love with him, yet again!!

So exciting that it's time for another list!! You are right...God already knows who your daughter is...sure would be nice to see her face, though!!!!!

Martha C. Ryan said...

What a roller-coaster weekend! I'm praying that little our little China doll is on the list tonight!

Debbie said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad everything is ok now....You could do without "that" kind of excitment!! I have everything crossed for you re getting news soon. Dx