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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Me and My Boys!

 I've had a great Mother's Day!  I woke up to breakfast in bed....pancakes with blueberries, turkey bacon, eggs, and coffee!  I could get use to that!  Then we went to church and to my favorite restaurant in downtown McKinney for lunch.  When Gage wakes up, we are going swimming....well, I should say the boys are going swimming. I'll just lay out.  The water is still a little too chilly for me right now!  If we have time we'll ride bikes to the park and the boys will search for those little colored bb's that are everywhere.  Not even sure what they really are, but they love searching and collecting them.  The boys made me a card and Ben wrote a poem about me using my name.  He's learning how to write different kinds of poems at school, so I'm glad he's putting it to good use!

He's a lefty and his handwriting isnt the greatest,  but it says Jumpy, Encouraging, Non-violent, Non-boring, I love her, Far smarter than dad(love this one), Excellent, and Runner.  I'm not sure where he got the jumpy and non-violent from....it's funny to hear what your kids think of you sometimes!

On Satrday we spent the day at the Acklin annual crawfish boil!  My once a year crawfish craving has been fixed for yet another year!  This is the 4th year they have had it and we always are looking forward to it.  Krissy's dad brings them in from B.R. and they are big and GOOD!  None of my boys will eat them but we did talk Ben into trying one!...for $3.00 I might add!  They really like playing with them more than anything.  Gage has no fear and reaches into the cooler are pulls them out by their antennas!

Of course, he has a cupcake in the other hand!
LSU Potatoes!?...they were purple!

My BFF from highschool, Krissy, and went to elementary school with Tobi.  It's crazy we all ended up in the same area!
The boys had fun swimming in the FREEEZING water!!

 We had muffins for moms at Gage's preschool on Thursday, and he made this rag with a handprint on it.   Kind've wish the events at his school were at the end of the day because he is so scared I'm going to leave and he has a death grip on my hand the whole time!  He always cries and is so sad when I have to leave him after..:(

Reed made this trivet for me at school! He said he picked this color because he thought I would like it the most.  I love homemade gifts from the kids.

Sorry for the dark picture, but Jon took it with his phone, so it'll have to do.   Anyway, Ben signed up to do the kid's marathon at his school.  They ran 25 miles over a 2 month period and then ran the last mile with at school on Friday.  He ran really fast and didn't stop the whole way!  He loved having the crowd cheering him on.  He gets that straight from his daddy!  He wants to do a 5k race now, so I'm trying to find one for him to do soon.  He's not big into team sports, so maybe track will be his thing.
Gage sitting with Big brother Ben at his assembly when he got his award.  He thought he was SO big!

He also got the 110% award for his class this month, which means he goes over and beyond on his school work.  I think his love for reading is what helped him get this.   He finished all the Harry Potter books and is now on the 4th Percy Jackson book! Go Ben!

Last but not least is a pic of me and my mom.  It was taken a few years ago at the beach.  I realized when looking for a picture of us, that we don't have many of just us.  I have a lot of her but they are usually with the kids.  I'm going to make more of an effort in the future to take some of just us.  I'm so blessed to have her as a mom.

I hope everybody had a great Mother's Day!!

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Debbie said...

What great photos of you!!! Your days sounds idylic. I would love to try crawfish but think I would have to eat it with my eyes closed!! LOL Dx