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Friday, April 22, 2011

We Survived!!

Well, I think we realized how many boys we really had with us when we pulled up to our tiny campsite, surrounded by quiet families, and started to unload.  It quickly sank in that we were going to have to keep them halfway quiet so we didn't disturb everybody else and get kicked out!  Luckily, I had planned a lot of activities and started pulling out of my bag of tricks as soon as we got there.  We had another parent go with us, thank goodness, so while he and Jon were setting up tents, the kids and I were having bertie botts nasty jelly bean contest, hula hoop contests, scavenger hunt, making HP experiments with pop rocks(they loved this!) and handing our the wizard hats, glasses and wands.  The wands were a hit!   After the tents were up, and I was out of activites, it was time for hiking and then back for dinner, cookie cake, smores, pinata, and the latest HP movie in their tent to wind them down for the night.
boys tasting bertie botts gross jelly beans and trying to guess what they are

as you can see,some of them were really gross....like vomit, pencil shavings....it was so funny seeing their reactions!

little Harry Potters...

hula hoop contest....they had so much fun with this

Reed had been practicing all week, so he was proud when he beat a  couple of the older boys..:)

making their HP experiments....

they got a kick out of watching them change colors and fizz

dinner time..

Getting a little help because he was blowing them out 1 by 1

pinata only lasted through a few boys before it busted

Jon started off the 1st ghost story and then the boys took turns telling them

G thinks he's as big as they are!  They were all so sweet to him.

The boys tent! I seriously can't believe we fit 12 boys in there...but we did!

I think we've finally recovered,  and are ready for a relaxing weekend this weekend!



Debbie said...

Ok....you win the "Mum who organises the best party" award! Dx

jennifer said...

wow!!! You are the bomb!!! It made me tired just reading the post!! Looks like they had a blast!!! Boys are awesome!!