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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I800 sent today!

Well, not yet but it will be done today.....I'm determined!  We had a couple of setbacks that we had to get sorted out before we could send it off, but now that's been worked out, I can finally send it.  I was going to this morning, but went to the post office and their copy machine was broken, so went to the UPS store, and they tried for 20 minutes to make a copy of our birth certificates, and it wouldn't print the right size and was cutting half off.  We met a friend at the park and by the time we left, Gage was ready for nap.  As soon as we pick up the boys from school, we're going to office max, and hopefully they have a copy machine that can copy it!  Then to the post office to send it off.  I think it's taking 4-6 weeks to get approval from USCIS now, so I'm anxious to get this sent off  ASAP! 

 So Ben started to question the bunny this year....boo!  He came up to me and said, "mom, just tell me the truth.  I promise I won't be sad, I just want to know.....is the Easter bunny real?"  I think he already knew the answer, but we talked about it and the how that's just a little part of what Easter is really all about. He said, "I know, it's really about how Jesus died and then rose on Easter to save us fom our sins." Now,  that makes a mama proud.  He was TOTALLY fine and went on his merry way.   Too funny....I remember being devestated when I found out.  Wish they could stay young and believe in all the bunnys, fairies, santas forever, but I guess they have to grow up at some point.  He promised not to spoil it for anybody else, and that was that!  So glad I have a few more years with the other believing though...;)

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Debbie said...

Hope you got that I800 away!!!!!!