Our Journey to Molly


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I800 sent today!

Well, not yet but it will be done today.....I'm determined!  We had a couple of setbacks that we had to get sorted out before we could send it off, but now that's been worked out, I can finally send it.  I was going to this morning, but went to the post office and their copy machine was broken, so went to the UPS store, and they tried for 20 minutes to make a copy of our birth certificates, and it wouldn't print the right size and was cutting half off.  We met a friend at the park and by the time we left, Gage was ready for nap.  As soon as we pick up the boys from school, we're going to office max, and hopefully they have a copy machine that can copy it!  Then to the post office to send it off.  I think it's taking 4-6 weeks to get approval from USCIS now, so I'm anxious to get this sent off  ASAP! 

 So Ben started to question the bunny this year....boo!  He came up to me and said, "mom, just tell me the truth.  I promise I won't be sad, I just want to know.....is the Easter bunny real?"  I think he already knew the answer, but we talked about it and the how that's just a little part of what Easter is really all about. He said, "I know, it's really about how Jesus died and then rose on Easter to save us fom our sins." Now,  that makes a mama proud.  He was TOTALLY fine and went on his merry way.   Too funny....I remember being devestated when I found out.  Wish they could stay young and believe in all the bunnys, fairies, santas forever, but I guess they have to grow up at some point.  He promised not to spoil it for anybody else, and that was that!  So glad I have a few more years with the other believing though...;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

We Survived!!

Well, I think we realized how many boys we really had with us when we pulled up to our tiny campsite, surrounded by quiet families, and started to unload.  It quickly sank in that we were going to have to keep them halfway quiet so we didn't disturb everybody else and get kicked out!  Luckily, I had planned a lot of activities and started pulling out of my bag of tricks as soon as we got there.  We had another parent go with us, thank goodness, so while he and Jon were setting up tents, the kids and I were having bertie botts nasty jelly bean contest, hula hoop contests, scavenger hunt, making HP experiments with pop rocks(they loved this!) and handing our the wizard hats, glasses and wands.  The wands were a hit!   After the tents were up, and I was out of activites, it was time for hiking and then back for dinner, cookie cake, smores, pinata, and the latest HP movie in their tent to wind them down for the night.
boys tasting bertie botts gross jelly beans and trying to guess what they are

as you can see,some of them were really gross....like vomit, pencil shavings....it was so funny seeing their reactions!

little Harry Potters...

hula hoop contest....they had so much fun with this

Reed had been practicing all week, so he was proud when he beat a  couple of the older boys..:)

making their HP experiments....

they got a kick out of watching them change colors and fizz

dinner time..

Getting a little help because he was blowing them out 1 by 1

pinata only lasted through a few boys before it busted

Jon started off the 1st ghost story and then the boys took turns telling them

G thinks he's as big as they are!  They were all so sweet to him.

The boys tent! I seriously can't believe we fit 12 boys in there...but we did!

I think we've finally recovered,  and are ready for a relaxing weekend this weekend!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wish us Luck!

Today's the big day!  We're taking 8 of Ben's friends, plus our 3, camping overnight!  I know what you're thinking and yes, we're probably crazy, but I think the kids are going to have a blast! I have lots of activities planned, just hope it's enough to keep them entertained for the day!  It took me a couple of days to make the Harry Potter wands, glasses, and wizard hats, but they turned out pretty cute if I must say so myself!;)
used party hats and foam sunglasses from hobby lobby..
and voila!

HP crafts in the making

and of course Reed was the most excited about them and first to try it all on....surprise, surprise!

and Gage next...

and then The Birthday Boy!

The finished products!

Since we have 11 kids and the wands at the store are $10/wand, I decidced to look up on the itnernet how to make my own.  I'm not too crafty, but these were fun to make!  I used a wooden dowel from hobby lobby and rolled it with glued construction paper. Snipped the ends and hot glued a wooden ball to the end.  Dripped hot blue on the end and then painted the whole thing black.  Painted half of the balls silver and half gold and the wand part the opposite color.  The kid have been playing with them all week. 

It's suppose to be beautiful today but in the 40's tonight!....BRRRRR!!  They may find me sleeping in the car in the morning!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Homestudy Approved!!!!

Baby steps......one step closer to our sweet girl!:)  We were waiting on the homestudy approval, and we got it last Wednesday!   We needed this to send in with our I -800 application, which we will do tomorrow.  Once the USCIS gets it and approves it, they will send us our appointment date for our fingerprinting.  It's so hard to wait, and I wish the process went by so much quicker, but I know that God is watching over her and keeping her safe until we can get to her. 
Oh, and I couldn't pass up these cute little boots to celebrate the approval!  At least I'm a bargain shopper, but I am still going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!:)

On clearance at Nordstrom Rack for $6!
 Nana and Pa came to see us this weekend and the kids loved every second!(and so did we!)  They got to watch Reed play at his baseball game and he loved hearing them cheer him on.  It was a beautiful weekend, so the rest of the time we just hung out and played outside.  They couldn't believe how much more Gage is talking since last time, and like he does to us, kept them laughing the whole time.  The funniest was when we were going to the park and Pa came out in a safari looking cowboy hat.  Gage was staring at him and kept saying "where you going?" and finally after a few minutes said...."you going to see horses??"  Guess he thought Pa had turned cowboy on him!
Pa's safari hat..;)

Ben finished his HUGE 1290 piece Harry Potter set he got for his bday!
 Ben has decided he wants to do a camping birthday party, with a Harry Potter twist, so I've got some planning and prepping to do this week!  Making wizard hats out of party hats, scavenger hunt with snakes, chocolate gold coins, plastic gold rings, and the final prize, the red sorcerer's stone.   Looks like I'll be getting ideas from the internet considering I haven't even read Harry Potter!  We'll also do the typical fishing,  hiking, smores, and other boy stuff!  We better get our rest this week, because we'll need to conserve every bit of energy we have for a weekend full of energetic boys!

the boys with Nana