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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Ben!!

Ben - 3 years old
Ben - almost 9 years old

Last but not least is my oldest turning 9!!  Really!?!...I don't feel old enough to have a 9 year old!!!  Ben's birthday wraps up our marathon of celebrations for a while...so we're going to string this one out a few weeks.  We had planned on taking him and a few of his friends camping overnight in April(so it could warm up a little!), but now he's throwing a couple of other ideas our way, so we'll see what happens.  Each kid gets to pick where he wants to go for his bday dinner, so my "loves being the center of attention boy" wanted to go Anywhere that the waiters will sing happy birthday to him.  He does NOT get that from me! 

Oh Ben, you changed our world when you decided to show up 3 weeks early 9 years ago!  We should've known then that that was the kind of person you would be....full of surprises and keeping us on our toes!  You have a quick- witted sense of humor and you're oh so funny!  Sometimes it's the typical 3rd grade boy humor, but sometimes you say things that just really crack us up!  You've always loved to make people laugh, and will do anything to accomplish that, even if it means being a little mischevious!;)  You're an easy going kid who always has a smile on your face, and is always in a good mood(hopefully that won't change when you hit the teenage years!) You have a kind and soft heart for anybody in need.  Anytime you see a homeless person or someone with a tip jar, you beg us for money to give to them.  Nothing makes us more proud of you then your sensitivity of those less fortunate.   You love God with all of your heart and have no hesitation sharing your faith with others.  You amaze us with your ability to memorize verses! You were having nightmares a few months ago and learned Psalm 91 after just a few nights of reading it!....  It's been months and I still don't know it! :)   You are our little brainiac!  Learning seems to come easy to you.  You were recognizing words at 3 and reading books at 4!  Your love for reading has continued. You read any spare minute you have and every night before you go to bed.

You love all things DS, computer, wii, mario, Harry Potter, legos, and any kind of board game, esp chess!   You are adventerous and a  thrill-seeker!  You go straight to the biggest and baddest roller coasters and will even go by yourself if you can't get anybody to go with you! You've never met a stranger! You make friends easier than anybody I know.  You're not intimidated to go places by yourself, and you will have made friends with everybody there by the time you leave. 

This was in Gulf Shores when he 7 years old....probably not one of our better parenting decisions, but he is dying to go back and do it again!
Ben, Happy 9th Birthday! We can't imagine life without  you!  We love you!!!

Taken a few years ago, but still my favorite pic of all 3!  Sums up their personalities...Ben protecting Gage, Reed loving on Ben, and Gage mad because Ben's holding  him..Lol!

On a much sadder note, Scottie, our 15 year old dog, died on Monday.  Jon and I got him right after we got married, so he was extra special to us.  He was our first baby and was treated as such.  He was spoiled rotten and he will be dearly missed.  RIP Scottie.....We love you!!


Debbie said...

Has been great learning about your boys...they seem like ideal big brothers to your soon to be daughter! Love the photo of all 3 together too. Dx

Martha C. Ryan said...

Happy 9th Birthday, Benny Boy! Love you!!
Nana and Pa

Amy L. said...

Great summary of Ben and his personality, likes, and strengths! I love knowing him.