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Monday, March 21, 2011


uhhmmmm....can you say spf 100!!
We got back from Galveston yesterday, and fun was had by all!  The beach was nothing like the white sands of Gulf Shores or Florida, but for an extended weekend and a 5 hour drive, it was perfect!  The kids spent sun up to sun down boogy boarding and digging holes.  When I put Gage down for naps in the afternoon, I would lay out on the deck reading, with the sound of the waves in the background.  There is seriously nothing more relaxing than that!
We did have to avoid  these nasty jellyfish that covered the beach.  Some people there told us that they hurt like fire when they sting, so I was sure somebody would get stung before it was all said and done.  Ben had fun shoveling them back into the water to save them.  I told him to let them die because they sting.  His response...."they can't help it... that's the way God made them".  Hmmm...kind've hard to argue with that, so he continued on his rescue mission. Amazingly nobody was stung! 

can never get a shot of everybody just smiling.  Never fails,...somebody will make a silly face..;)

Ben and Reed boogy boarding in the background and Gage on his "boogy board".  When he dumped over and get saltwater in his mouth, he'd say "das so gwoss!!" ....funny boy!

surfer boys
I love this one!

Reed and his new beach necklace....I wasn't kidding about him being my accessorizer!

Jon pushing Gage on his "boogy board"

I could watch the boys play in the sand from our house balcony.  It was so nice to be right on the beach!

2nd round of mini golf!  I've got some very competitive boys!

Reed was scared of the pirates and this is as close as he'd get.  They were scary looking!

Jon made a friend..heehee

Boys using their clubs to battle the pirates! Reed couldn't understand why the man pirate was fighting a girl.  I'd have to agree..:)

me and my big baby! 

Ben trying to teach Reed how to play chess. 

going on a crab hunting and no luck!  It was cold and rainy, but it was the last night and we had promised them we'd go.  It didn't last long before everybody was ready to go back in.
We can't wait until our little girl gets to join in the fun on our beach trips!

It was back to reality today....work for Jon,  school for the kids, and unpacking and tons of sandy laundry for me...Boo!  We're counting down the days until we go to Gulf Shores now! Come on Summer!!


Debbie said...

Hi ya! What a great weekend you have had....Was looking again at the photo of you and all your boys...I can just picture a little dark haired girl standing in front of you beside Gage! Now that WOULD be a great shot!!! Dx

Martha C. Ryan said...

I totally agree with Debbie! That's the perfect place for our little miss...right beside Gage with Reed's arm protecting her!

Debbie said...

Forgot to say, Im starting a new blog soon, will let you know when its up and running. Dx