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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday, Ben!!

Ben - 3 years old
Ben - almost 9 years old

Last but not least is my oldest turning 9!!  Really!?!...I don't feel old enough to have a 9 year old!!!  Ben's birthday wraps up our marathon of celebrations for a while...so we're going to string this one out a few weeks.  We had planned on taking him and a few of his friends camping overnight in April(so it could warm up a little!), but now he's throwing a couple of other ideas our way, so we'll see what happens.  Each kid gets to pick where he wants to go for his bday dinner, so my "loves being the center of attention boy" wanted to go Anywhere that the waiters will sing happy birthday to him.  He does NOT get that from me! 

Oh Ben, you changed our world when you decided to show up 3 weeks early 9 years ago!  We should've known then that that was the kind of person you would be....full of surprises and keeping us on our toes!  You have a quick- witted sense of humor and you're oh so funny!  Sometimes it's the typical 3rd grade boy humor, but sometimes you say things that just really crack us up!  You've always loved to make people laugh, and will do anything to accomplish that, even if it means being a little mischevious!;)  You're an easy going kid who always has a smile on your face, and is always in a good mood(hopefully that won't change when you hit the teenage years!) You have a kind and soft heart for anybody in need.  Anytime you see a homeless person or someone with a tip jar, you beg us for money to give to them.  Nothing makes us more proud of you then your sensitivity of those less fortunate.   You love God with all of your heart and have no hesitation sharing your faith with others.  You amaze us with your ability to memorize verses! You were having nightmares a few months ago and learned Psalm 91 after just a few nights of reading it!....  It's been months and I still don't know it! :)   You are our little brainiac!  Learning seems to come easy to you.  You were recognizing words at 3 and reading books at 4!  Your love for reading has continued. You read any spare minute you have and every night before you go to bed.

You love all things DS, computer, wii, mario, Harry Potter, legos, and any kind of board game, esp chess!   You are adventerous and a  thrill-seeker!  You go straight to the biggest and baddest roller coasters and will even go by yourself if you can't get anybody to go with you! You've never met a stranger! You make friends easier than anybody I know.  You're not intimidated to go places by yourself, and you will have made friends with everybody there by the time you leave. 

This was in Gulf Shores when he 7 years old....probably not one of our better parenting decisions, but he is dying to go back and do it again!
Ben, Happy 9th Birthday! We can't imagine life without  you!  We love you!!!

Taken a few years ago, but still my favorite pic of all 3!  Sums up their personalities...Ben protecting Gage, Reed loving on Ben, and Gage mad because Ben's holding  him..Lol!

On a much sadder note, Scottie, our 15 year old dog, died on Monday.  Jon and I got him right after we got married, so he was extra special to us.  He was our first baby and was treated as such.  He was spoiled rotten and he will be dearly missed.  RIP Scottie.....We love you!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reed's 1st game!

Baseball has begun!  Reed had his 1st game last night and we were all there to cheer him on!

well....he had to dig a little first!;)

Now it's time to get serious!

gonna throw it to 1st base...And...

He's OUT!  Go REED!!!

And we have his cheering section....uhuhmmm..I mean Ben showing us his yoyo tricks...

......and more tricks...

....and playing soccer

...eating snowcones

Oh here we go.....Reed's attentive cheering section!  This lasted all of 5 minutes, but he was taking it all in! 

All of his games are on Friday night or during the week, which frees up our Saturdays..YAY!!  I love having free Saturdays!:)

Jon and I got a sitter and we're going out to eat and to see Lincoln Lawyer tonight!  I started reading the book at the beach and only got half way through, so I'm excited to see how it ends!

Monday, March 21, 2011


uhhmmmm....can you say spf 100!!
We got back from Galveston yesterday, and fun was had by all!  The beach was nothing like the white sands of Gulf Shores or Florida, but for an extended weekend and a 5 hour drive, it was perfect!  The kids spent sun up to sun down boogy boarding and digging holes.  When I put Gage down for naps in the afternoon, I would lay out on the deck reading, with the sound of the waves in the background.  There is seriously nothing more relaxing than that!
We did have to avoid  these nasty jellyfish that covered the beach.  Some people there told us that they hurt like fire when they sting, so I was sure somebody would get stung before it was all said and done.  Ben had fun shoveling them back into the water to save them.  I told him to let them die because they sting.  His response...."they can't help it... that's the way God made them".  Hmmm...kind've hard to argue with that, so he continued on his rescue mission. Amazingly nobody was stung! 

can never get a shot of everybody just smiling.  Never fails,...somebody will make a silly face..;)

Ben and Reed boogy boarding in the background and Gage on his "boogy board".  When he dumped over and get saltwater in his mouth, he'd say "das so gwoss!!" ....funny boy!

surfer boys
I love this one!

Reed and his new beach necklace....I wasn't kidding about him being my accessorizer!

Jon pushing Gage on his "boogy board"

I could watch the boys play in the sand from our house balcony.  It was so nice to be right on the beach!

2nd round of mini golf!  I've got some very competitive boys!

Reed was scared of the pirates and this is as close as he'd get.  They were scary looking!

Jon made a friend..heehee

Boys using their clubs to battle the pirates! Reed couldn't understand why the man pirate was fighting a girl.  I'd have to agree..:)

me and my big baby! 

Ben trying to teach Reed how to play chess. 

going on a crab hunting and no luck!  It was cold and rainy, but it was the last night and we had promised them we'd go.  It didn't last long before everybody was ready to go back in.
We can't wait until our little girl gets to join in the fun on our beach trips!

It was back to reality today....work for Jon,  school for the kids, and unpacking and tons of sandy laundry for me...Boo!  We're counting down the days until we go to Gulf Shores now! Come on Summer!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, to my Baby Boy!

I promised I'd dedicate a post to each boy on their big day, SOOO......

Our sweet and funny little boy is 3!!  I can't believe my baby is 3 today!!  Seems like just yesterday that he was a newborn screeching with his distinct, high pitch cat cry!  It was so unique that people commented on it all the time.  The nurses in the hosptial said they'd never heard a cry quite like his and one time a lady in the grocery store stopped me and told me she thought somebody had a cat in the store with them.  Well, he's lost the unique cry, but he has developed a unique personality that we LOVE!  He is our little comedian(guess every family needs one..;).  He makes us laugh on a daily basis with the way he tries to keep up with the boys and the things he says and does.  I swear  the boy grew up overnight!  One day he just woke up and decided to start talking in complete sentences and quit wearing a diaper.  I know it's because he wants to be like his brothers, but it's crazy how he did it so quick!He's a little daredevil!  Will go to the most dangerous and highest part of any park immediately.  His teachers tell me that he gets them so nervous, that they have to close their eyes sometimes, and my mom won't even take him to the park because she gets so nervous.  He is super coordinated....he can bounce a basketball and catch it, make shots, and he can hit a ball of a tee and sometimes even when it's thrown to him!  He has such a sweet tooth(apple doesn't fall far!). He is super sensitive to others feelings.  If somebody is crying, he'll give them a hug and say..."it's ok, you're tough,,,don't cry".  He says "I wub you" to us all the time, he  and Roux(our puppy) are best friends, he loves on the cat next door everytime he sees him( lucky cat...ha!), he's stubborn and can throw a temper tantrum with the best of them!, and he is a mama's boy and I love it! ;)  We all spoil him rotten, esp. the boys,  because we just can't resist his sweet little smile!  Gage, you bring so much fun and laughter into our house!  We love you SOOOO much!!

A True Monkey!!

He got a white erase board and I'm not sure he liked it better....Gage, Reed, or Luke?!

We went to Amazing Jake's for his birthday.  He had a blast!  He was so excited to have Aunt Julie and Luke here to help celebrate! 
loved mini golf and hit it a few times....
...but learned quickly that kicking it in is much easier!

he loved this rocket ride.  Even had his hands up....Lol

Shelley and her boys, Carson and Brooks, came to visit for a few days and we had so much fun!  Our boys are the same ages and have always gotten along so well.  And as for Shelley and I....well, we just clicked from day one. Jon laughs at us because he says everytime we get together, we're oblivious to the world around us!  Hey!, that's what good friends do, right?  As always, we stayed super busy and it went by WAY too fast!!  We took the boys to Adrenalina(indoor surfing) and then to a half day camp at ASI gymnastics.  Gage even got to go since he is 3 now, so he has officially been initiated into the Big Boys Club!  You couldn't wipe the grin off his face!  He was so BIG and PROUD! 
He's showing off his ASI bracelette..:)
Ben balancing on his knees

Me and Shelley
We're going to Galveston for the last part of Spring Break!  It'll be a short trip but the boys are so excited!!...and so am I!

We've made a little progress on the adoption.  Both of our passports came in and Great Wall should have our homestudy reviewed and completed this week, which means we can proceed with the I800!  One step closer...:))

Friday, March 11, 2011

An Early Spring Break

My sister and nephew, "Aunt Juwee and Wuke", as Gage says, came in from Baton Rouge for their Mardi Gras break this week.  Our Spring Break isn't until next week, so I feel like we're having an extra long break with them here.  The kids have had a blast with Luke, even though they still have to go to school, and I've had a great time running around shopping with Julie.  I am a bargain shopper, garage saler, digger type, that loves to find a treasure at a great price, and my bargain hunting ways have rubbed off on my sister.  Every time she comes in town now, she wants to hit all the Good Will stores in the area and garage sales.  She says she never finds the stuff I seem to find, but I tell her it's a learned art..hehe.  We hit a few Good Will stores this week and this is what I found! 
$20....been looking for one of these and I like this one best of any I've seen!
We took the boys to a Texas Legends basketball game and had center court seats on the 5th row, and we had a blast!  They loved sitting so close to all of the action.  I'm used to watching 5 and 8 year olds play, so we were all in awe watching their fast moves!
It's hard to seee but that's Ben to the right of the mascot dancing up front!
We also went to visit my BFF from high school, Krissy,  who lives in Plano.  We always say we'll be the little, crazy old ladies who end up in the nursing home together laughing all the time, making rolo cookies! My sister hadn't seen her cutie patootie baby, Raley yet, so we had a fun visit with them.
They brought us a king cake...YUMMO!!
The kids get out for early release tomorrow, so we are celebrating Gage's 3rd birthday at Amazing Jakes.  His real birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we want to celebrate while they are here.  All Gage wants for his birthday are a dora cake, Luke, Ben and Reed to be there, and candy for his present.  Oh, my little sweet- toothed boy...wonder where he gets that from!..;)
And you see where the red comes from..:)
I'm loving this extended Spring break!  As soon as Julie and Luke leave on Sunday, then my other BFF, Shelley,  and her 2 boys, are coming to visit for a few days!  They moved from Mckinney to College station about 5 years ago, and we were attached at the hip when she lived here.  She's one of those people that it doesn't matter how long we're apart, it's like we haven't skipped a beat when we get back together.  Can't wait!
Happy Friday!! :))