Our Journey to Molly


Friday, February 25, 2011


I have to say, I'm glad this week has come to an end and the weekend is here!  Not only  has everybody had cold/sinus issues, but we've worked really hard at tying up all loose ends for our 1st mailer packet and papers that go to our social worker so she can finish up our homestudy.  Whew!  I knew it'd be a lot of work but I didn't really realize how much time it would consume.  First of all, those that know me, know that I'm more the laid back, go with the flow, last-minute type person, which doesn't really fly with paper chasing!  Some people have been asking if we got everything turned in on time and we did....but down to the last second!  On the day the packet was due to Great Wall, Jon was at the Dr's office at 8am getting his TB test read, I was at the police station getting a signature from someone who had forgotten to sign.  Then I went to Jon's work to have something notarized.  As I'm back home, pulling up in my driveway, with a very tired and almost asleep Gage, I realized I had forgotten to give him a copy of my license....arrgghh!! So after Gage's nap, we picked up the boys from school and went back to Jon's work to give him the license so he can fed ex it right away!  Oh yes, organization at its finest.  We finished our Hague training hours this week and turned in the 17 things that needed to be turned in to our social worker yesterday.  The only thing left she needs is the dog's vaccination records, and so guess where the dogs are today??;).  They were due, so I dropped them off at the vet this morning and will pick them up this afternoon, along with the records, which will be sent to her today. 
Not only have I been preoccupied with getting all the paperwork for the dossier together, but I'm also reading as much as I can in my spare time about adopting....blogs, books,....anything that I can get my hands on.  Needless to say, other things have fallen to the wayside(temporarily, I hope!).  Thank you cards are way behind(hoping to get to them out before the year's over..hehe), plans have been cancelled with friends to get things done, papers haven't been returned to school on time, folders have forgotten to be signed, lunches have been forgotten...but I'm hoping to get back on track soon.
I'm so excited for a little get away this weekend.  We're going to visit some friends in Shreveport for Mardi Gras and the kids are beside themselves!  We took them last year to Baton Rouge for their first "real" St Patrick's Day parade and they loved it.  Hard to believe that my little boys are Texans and haven't experienced the "throw me somethin' Mr." parades!.  Growing up in BR,  Mardi Gras was a big week long holiday, so we'll have to show em how it's done! 
Gage and I just got back from our run and he fell asleep in the stroller, so there goes his nap today!  Oh well, off to the park to enjoy another sunny day! :)
The boys are hoping to load up like this again!!


Debbie said...

Jennifer....Im exhausted reading about your week! And I know how I feel when Gracie has a "too short" nap in the buggy....I love when we are at home and she goes in her cot for 2 hours...its just bliss!
I am getting so excited for you...do you know what will happen next?
Ps I love the way you write! Dx

Martha said...

Have fun and catch lots of beads!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Debbie,... I think we fill out the I-800(immigration forms) we send in another packet to Great Wall after our homestudy is complete...I think! After everything is turned in, we should get logged into China and then hopefully a referral shortly after..:)