Our Journey to Molly


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like Spring!

My sister informed me that I need to post more often, but there's just not much going on in the Coco household, so thought I'd post a few pics of the kids with their friends playing outside.  It's been gorgeous here this week so we've been soaking up the rays! 

There is nothing I Like more than sitting outside on pretty days watching the kids play!  Beats being stuck inside seeing them with their noses glued to the DS!;)
Oh, to have the imagination and energy of these kids!

We managed to get everything turned in for our 1st mailer just in time.  I had to make a few trips up to Jon's work that day to get everything to him, but it's done.  Got my passport ordered Tuesday and Jon is getting his ordered today.  He's also mailing everything to our social worker today so she can start on our report.  We're starting on our 10 hours of online Hague parent education courses today too. We're getting there....slowly but surely..:)


Debbie said...

Lucky you having terrific weather! Your boys look like they keep you on your toes Jennifer. Adoption always takes so much time but it will be worth it...My best advice would be to stay on top of everything and push as hard as you can. In the UK we had to wait 4 years...but when it happens it is the best thing ever.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Debbie, I'm trying to stay on top of the paperwork, but I feel like everything just moves SO slow. We're so ready for the process to be over and for her to be here! Hope all is well with you guys!