Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another baby coming home!

I know it's been way too long.. As In a year and a half too long since I've posted, but I have to post about the newest little girl coming home to Melissa with her fam! Some of our closest friends are leaving tomorrow for China to Bring home their sweet Brooklyn. The Stoltzfus' live the street behind us and they have 4 boys and a soon to be girl that will be surrounded by boys.. But totally loved and spoiled rotten. I can't wait to see the boys in that house melt. And it will happen ❤️

I mean look at that face. 😍

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little of everything!

Lots has happened in these few months, so I'll update with just a few pics. Ok maybe more than a few since we went through some major holidays!! :)
I'll start with Thanksgiving...geesh that seems like forEVER ago!!
I met Molly at her preschool for thanksgiving lunch.  She was so proud to show off her school to me..and the turkey hat and placemat she made.  They also did the cutest turkey song and dance that I thought I recorded with my phone...but realized when I got home that I hit the record button twice and stopped it! BOOOO!!!

 And then on to Gage's school feast...

 And then Reed...
 And of course I'm not allowed to eat with Ben anymore.  So sad but apparently that's the 6th grade rule...no parents! :(

We normally have family in town, or go to Louisiana for Thanksgiving, but because we went to Louisiana for Christmas this year, we stayed home and made our first ever turkey and dressing....all by ourselves!!  Yes I know, hard to believe at 40 and 41 that this was our first, but it was.  And I have to admit we did a pretty good job if I must say so!  Jon proud of his smoking turkey...

And the kids surrounding the feast :)  They all gobbled down the turkey, but it was like pulling teeth to get them to eat the sides.  I have some super picky kids on my hands...minus Molly :)

Onto Christmas festivities...Molly had her first dance performance at Dickens of a Christmas, which is a festival in downtown McKinney.  Let's just say that she was feeling the love from her audience and was more devoted to waving to everyone than dancing.  Not only would she not stop waving to us, but to every single person out there that was waving and laughing at her non-stop waving.  I have to admit it was pretty funny.  She has a little mermaid performance in May.  Hopefully she won't be as enamoured with her audience :)
I do have to say, she may just be the cutest angel I've ever seen!

 Love this one... 

Family pic minus Reedy, who was spending the night with a friend..

Next up, we had some pure ICE days in Melissa!  Not snow, but just plain ole ice!  Kids played on their sleds on the ice for 3 days straight.  Now that I look back, I realize how dangerous it probably was with ice breaking the trees and all, but hindsight is 20/20.  They seriously had a BLAST sledding on it!  And thank goodness, we managed to escape with no serious injuries!

 neighbor friend, Sydney,  and Gage
 Ben and Friends...

And a video...

And then we can't forget Santa!
We've been going to him every year since Ben was a baby and I have a pic framed from each year.  I think it's one of the kids(and My) favorite things I pull out of the Christmas decor box each year.  Love seeing how they've grown each year.

Another tradition are the dreaded family pics that we all look so forward to...haha.   Ya know...kids don't want to dress up, husband asking why we do this every year and complaining about his time restraints, and the hardest part of all,...coordinating outfits!!  But I'm reminded why I do this each time I get them pics back.

So... Jen Doughty(baseballstobows.blogspot.com) has a Santa party every year, so back when she and the girl's came to visit the Texas girls this summer, we(me and Jen Newberry...cheeseburgersandchopsticks.blogspot.com, decided we were going to make it to this no matter what.  And with all of our crazy schedules, we actually managed to figure out a way to get there, and so glad we did!  We had the best time!  The girl's played non-stop and the mom's had so much fun just hanging out. Can't wait until we all get together again!

Annddd....we're off...

 Tree envy :)   Long story,  but basically Jon came home with a 4 foot tree(if that) that year, and I was a tad jealous of this monster! :))

Immediately got on their dress-up clothes :)

Molly was sitting with Nana and saw Mrs Clause and Santa come in...

And she immediately ran up and gave them a BIG ole hug!!

Story time with Mrs. Clause

Happy Birthday Jesus King Cake :)

Parade with Alexandra

They LOVED every SECOND!

I have more pics than I realized, and the kids are begging me to come watch a movie with them, so I'll finish this post and do another one soon with the rest of Christmas and Reed's 9th Bday! :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What does November in Melissa, Tx look like?...

Looks like summer, right?  Well it's warm, but not warm enough for this shirtless and shoeless attire! I caught the boys walking up to the house like this and am glad that Reed's friend's mama is a laid back boy mom! 
The weather has been perfect and couldn't have been better for Halloween night.  We had Dorothy, 2 Morphs, and a Scream man.  They had too much fun and got WAY too much candy!
I figured since Molly was going to be Dorothy, she better watch the movie!  Of course she loved it and was so excited to carry around little Toto.  
Here she is at her preschool Fall Festival parade.  There were some kids crying and some not wanting to walk, but as you can see she was eating every second up:)

This is the crew about to leave for trick or treating.  Ben and a group of his friends went around by themselves for the first time.  They're feeling so independent these days!  Oh and since you can't see their faces, Gage is the blue morph and Reed is the green one. Ben is the Scream man by Gage.

This pic just cracks me up!

Molly and I made a last minute girl's trip to College Station to visit one of my besties and her little girl, Julia.  She and Molly had a blast together, and of course Shelley and I did too.  It's hard to talk with our crazy lives lately, so it was so fun to catch up, uninterrupted, for a whole weekend!
The girls did a lot of this...

We got some really cute shots of them at the pumpkin patch

LOVE these girls!!

We had grandma's and grandpas come visit 2 weekends in a row!  Pawpaw and Gigi came the first weekend.  I love how the kid's have certain things they like to do with each grandparent.  What they love to do with Pawpaw is build.  As soon as they got here they were off to home depot getting some building kits.  Hopefully one of the kid's picks up his amazing wood working talent!

The next weekend Pa and Nana came in.  Another fun weekend just hanging out, eating smores and having tea parties :)

We loved our time with the grands!

The kids were out of school for conference day a couple of weeks ago, so we went to the pumpkin patch.  We've gone to the same one ever since Ben was a baby.  

Love making good memories with my babies.

We had our first broken bone in the family a couple of months ago.  I'm surprised it's taken this long!  Reed was going to jump out of a tree(all while pretending to be a flying spider monkey,,haha) and his foot got caught! He tried to break his fall with his arm and broke his wrist.  We weren't sure if it was broken until he woke up crying in the middle of the night. 

He didn't let it stop him playing soccer! Bubble wrap to the rescue!

 Molly with her friend, Allie Ray, at dance class.  They're practicing for a Christmas dance they will do in downtown Mckinney in December.  Her class of 3 will be dressed as little angels. I can't wait! And I have a feeling she'll love dancing in the spotlight :)

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to Jonathan...the Best husband and daddy in the world!! We love you so much and are blessed to call you ours :)